Backup your data !

If your phone, tablet or computer suffers a hardware failure, or is lost or stolen it can be replaced.  Software can be re-installed. Your data is the one thing that cannot be easily recovered.

When I work with customers who have an up to date backup up even the most serious hardware failures are usually only a quick job to recover.

Apple and Android phones and tablets usually have a back up system build in and it should be set to work automatically.

Laptops and desktop computers represent a bigger challenge - they often have much larger storage capacity and will not be backed up unless active steps are taken.

The good news is that setting up a backup regime is inexpensive (sometimes free) and not too complicated as long as your storage is still healthy.

For MAC computers I recommend a combination of TimeMachine and SuperDuper!

For Windows I currently recommend buying an external drive from Western Digital that includes a copy of Acronis True Image.

I would be delighted to help you with setting up your backups.  Your future self will thank you! 

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