Fed up with nuisance calls or people trying to scam you?

I can set up an advanced call filtering phone system for you that can block nuisance calls. I have fitted these for friends and family and have one for our own home phone.

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How Does it work ?

Once I have set it up for you it works just like a normal phone: 

o When people you know call you the phone rings as normal

o  The phones have a build in answerphone so if you are not there or do not want to answer it will allow the caller to leave a message

o  Unknown callers or withheld numbers will be asked to say their name and wait - your phone will then ring with a special tone - they will not be put through to you straight away - you can listen to their name and decide if you want to speak to them, block them or put them through to the answerphone.

o Scammers and telesales almost never stay on the line.  In this case your phone doesn't even ring and you won't be disturbed.  You will just see a missed call next time you look at the phone.

o In my experience Doctors and other health professionals, Tradespeople etc have no problem using this system so you won't miss important calls 

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What is included:

Installing and Setting up the phone system on your existing landline (not mobile phone)

Transferring your saved numbers and speed dials from your old phone (if required)

Setting up the answerphone service

Helping you record an answerphone message or I can do this for you (some people like to have a man's voice on the message)

Leaving you with a clear instructions card you can keep by the phone to remind you how to save or block new callers

Prices start from £120 including a single phone handset (note: this is a landline, not a mobile, but there is an option for a cordless phone)

No Fix: No Fee - I will charge you only if you are satisfied with the work.
I am always happy to discuss how I can help you and if my services are right for you.

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